Dear Attendee,
After long consideration and research, we took the difficult decision of, for the first time in 17 years, cancel H2HC due to COVID-19.

We are sorry for the impact this causes on anyone who was planning to attend and hope that this letter helps clarifying some aspects, announce the date for H2HC next year and at the same time give a few options for those who are already registered. If you do not want to read the entire letter, the FAQ section has the practical actions.

Unfortunately, in the way we see it, we are responsible for everyone's well-being during the conference. Even though we did find ways and partnerships to offer masks, face-shields and increasing distance in the event, the responsibility over someone's health can't be taken lightly. The politization of the issues and the obscurity of the truth makes it unfair for us to take a decision that affects all.

Another option considered was to do an online event: we've attended and followed lots of different initiatives, from the small live streamings to the 20k attendees events. None have shown us an interaction level that we hoped for and the reason for the existence of H2HC has always been to offer a place for hackers to meet, to exchange ideas and to learn from one another; those objectives seemed impossible to achieve in an online format.

All the different attendees that come to H2HC already have their own online networks. And quality content already exists in great quantity. Just content does not make a community. And the technology, in our opinion, is not yet ready to replace the personal interactions and the opportunities that arise during the physical event.

Some will argue that 'those who do not adapt, disapper': This argument is only valid if the conference had any interests beyond helping the community. We do not. If, at any moment, we are not useful because there are better alternatives, we will have no problems ending the conference. But while we are recognized as a conference with quality content; and a conference in which political and commercial interests can't (and don't) influence, we chose the vision that hacking is, by nature, a subversive matter and we do not follow others that try to modernize something that they don't trully understand.

We are grateful to those who support us and that, year after year, trust in the quality of the conference. We also hope that with this decision we continue deserving such support and trust next year, which, if it is God's will, we will celebrate 18 years of the conference on October 23 and 24, 2021. We add to this letter a FAQ section that addresses the return of registration fees and a bit more about next year's event.

All the Best,

Coordenação H2HC


- I've registered in H2HC 2020 and would like to transfer my ticket to 2021, how to proceed?

No actions are needed. We will automatically transfer all registrations to next year (unless an individual wants the return of the money)

- I've registered in H2HC 2020 and would like my money back, how to proceed?

Please send an email to coordenacao *ARROBA* with your information (name, email and registration code)

- Are you planning an online event for 2020?

No. While we do consider the possibility of hangouts (like we did in the past), we do not believe the full conference is possible to be held online with the same essential elements we have in the physical event.