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DPTrace: Dual Purpose Trace for Exploitability Analysis of Program Crashes
LangSec: From Theory to Practice
The Computer Forensics Process for Cybercrime Investigation: Methodologies, Techniques and Tools
Android Resiliency Defense Strategy
Protecting Linux against ring3 rootkits
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Witchcraft Compiler Collection : towards self aware computer programs
Lost your secure HDD PIN? We can help!
Rogue Behavior Detection: Tackling binaries while they are on the ground
UEFI Firmware Rootkits: Myths and Reality
HTTP2 Overview: A journey by RFC
Functional Programming Without a Functional Language
Information Security Community
Keynote Reflections on vulnerability research; is the only winning move not to play?
R3MF: R3v3rs1ng on MachO File
EventID Field Hunter: Looking for malicious activities in your Windows events
Dumpster Driving 16: LTE4G Basestations
Risk based secure design of automotive networks



O uso da palavra Hacker para se referir ao violador de segurança é uma conclusão que vem por parte dos meios de comunicação de massa. Nós, hackers, nos recusamos a reconhecer este significado, e continuamos usando a palavra para indicar alguém que ama programar e que gosta de ser hábil e engenhoso.

Richard Stallman