Dino Dai Zovi - Staff Security Engineer, Square

Fermin Serna - Chief Security Officer, Semmle



 Dino Dai Zovi
  Dino Dai Zovi is an information security industry veteran and entrepreneur. Dino is also a regular speaker at information security conferences having presented his independent research at conferences around the world including DEFCON, BlackHat, and CanSecWest. He is a co-author of the books "The iOS Hacker's Handbook" (Wiley, 2012), "The Mac Hacker's Handbook" (Wiley, 2009) and "The Art of Software Security Testing" (Addison-Wesley, 2006). He is best known in the information security community for winning the first PWN2OWN contest at CanSecWest 2007.



 Fermin Serna
  Fermin J. Serna is a Computer Science Engineer graduated at the prestigious Madrid's UCM currently working as Chief Security Officer at Semmle responsible of protecting corporate assets as well as running the security research team focused on open source security.

Previously to Semmle he served as Head of Product Security at Google for almost 8 years where he build, run and oversaw the application security program for Google products. Fermin has also worked at Microsoft at the MSRC Engineering team where he envisioned and built the industry recognized EMET tool. Fermin also served as CTO and co-founder of NGSEC and S21SEC in Spain.

Fermin has found, been credited and published multiple security vulnerabilities on software developed by Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Oracle and open source (dnsmasq, glibc, ...). Because of this Fermin has been recognized with multiple awards including a RootedCon lifetime achievement award and two nominations, one winner, of a Pwnie award for Best client side bug in 2016. Fermin is also a regular speaker at security conferences such as BlackHat, Syscan, Bluehat, H2HC, Rootecon, DeepSec, Source, Summercon, ...