Dia 1

H2HC H2HC University
08:20 Credenciamento
09:00 Abertura
09:30 Keynote: De estudante de compilacao para a mae da decompilacao LLVM CFI and Cross-Language LLVM CFI Support for the Rust Compiler
10:30 Cryptographic Acceleration Never let good research go to waste: frustrating bounty experiences might make good conference talks
11:30 Blue2thprinting (blue-[tooth)-printing]: answering the question of 'WTF am I even looking at?!' How to get Started with Bluetooth Hacking in Cars
12:30 Intervalo para Almoço
14:30 A Closer Look At Freelist Hardening Browser Exploitation the end of an Era
15:30 Old But Gold: The Underestimated Potency of Decades-Old Attacks on BMC Security Local Privilege Escalation With I/O Rings
16:30 Intervalo
17:00 I'm High Boiling The Ocean: Kernel Data Bus Analysis

Dia 2

H2HC H2HC University
10:00 Keynote: The story of UEFI (and its security mitigations) SQLi to Root Access: Exploiting a ISP infrastructure
11:00 The insides of an automatic defibrillator CPU Vulns Are Easy
12:00 Intervalo para Almoço
14:00 The Plague of Predictable Transient Numeric Identifiers Two transient execution vulnerabilities you have probably not heard about: Snoopy and CRAP
15:00 LogoFAIL: Security Implications of Image Parsing During System Boot Ghostbusting with CodeQL: finding gadgets for transient execution bugs
16:00 Intervalo
16:31 Hacking blockchains Phantom: Exploiting Decoder-detectable Mispredictions
17:30 GatoROM: A New Attempt at Solving ROM Bit Ordering INCEPTION: Exposing New Attack Surfaces with Training in Transient Execution