9th & 10th December 2023 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Country Name Title Talk
Alex Ermolov Principal Security Researcher, Binarly LogoFAIL: Security Implications of Image Parsing During System Boot
Alex Matrosov CEO, Binarly Old But Gold: The Underestimated Potency of Decades-Old Attacks on BMC Security
Alexa Souza CTO & Co-Founder, ViperX Local Privilege Escalation With I/O Rings
Brian Butterly Senior Security Engineer, Undisclosed Major Railroad The insides of an automatic defibrillator
Cristina Cifuentes Vice President, Oracle's Software Assurance organisation Keynote: From student of compilation to mother of decompilation
Daniel Trujillo PhD Student, MIT INCEPTION: Exposing New Attack Surfaces with Training in Transient Execution
Edmond Rogers Researcher, University of Illinois Boiling The Ocean: Kernel Data Bus Analysis
Eduardo Vela Security Response, Google CPU Vulns Are Easy
Fernando Gont Staff Platform Security Engineer, Yalo The Plague of Predictable Transient Numeric Identifiers
Ignacio Navarro Security Researcher, Independent SQLi to Root Access: Exploiting a ISP infrastructure
Johannes Wikner PhD student, ETH Zurich Phantom: Exploiting Decoder-detectable Mispredictions
Jordy Zomer Security Engineer, Google Ghostbusting with CodeQL: finding gadgets for transient execution bugs
Jorge Buzeti CTO, Ret2One Browser Exploitation the end of an Era
Kamel Ghali Organizer, Defcon Car Hacking Village How to get Started with Bluetooth Hacking in Cars
Marc "vanHauser" Heuse Team Lead, SRLabs Hacking blockchains
Matt Yurkewych Vulnerability Researcher, L3 Harris Trenchant A Closer Look At Freelist Hardening
Nicolas Economou Security Researcher, Blue Frost Security I'm High
Pawel Wieczorkiewicz Security Researcher, Open Source Security Inc. Two transient execution vulnerabilities you have probably not heard about: Snoopy and CRAP
Ramon de Carvalho Valle Information Security Engineer, Google LLVM CFI and Cross-Language LLVM CFI Support for the Rust Compiler
Reginaldo Silva Bug Bounty Hunter, Independent Never let good research go to waste: frustrating bounty experiences might make good conference talks
Shay Gueron Professor, University of Haifa and Distinguished Engineer, Meta Cryptographic Acceleration
Travis Goodspeed Embedded Systems Reverse Engineer, Undisclosed GatoROM: A New Attempt at Solving ROM Bit Ordering
Vincent Zimmer Senior Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation Keynote: The story of UEFI (and its security mitigations)
Xeno Kovah Founder, OpenSecurityTraining2 Blue2thprinting (blue-[tooth)-printing]: answering the question of 'WTF am I even looking at?!'